Maldives Cruise Boats

Maldives with its exotic beaches and tranquil blue waters is a major Cruising destination of the world. Sailing is a major water based activity that one can embark upon over here. Because of this reason cruising in and around Maldives has gained a lot of importance over the past few year. One can find numerous cruise boats in Maldives that takes the tourists for a trip around the country. The Maldives cruise boats are equipped with all the modern facilities and features that allow one to travel in a comfortable manner.

One can either go for those cruise vessels that have basic facilities or go for the luxury cruise boats, which are equipped with ultra modern and special features.

Some of the cruise boats that one can find in Maldives include Gahaa, Gulfaam, Hamathi, Koimala, Sea Coral, Sea Farer, Kiris, Handhu, Cat fish, Triton Diving Cruiser, MV Carina, MS Ensis Bounty, Wattaru and others.

The Maldives cruise boats can accommodate around 8 to 12 passengers. Some of the bigger boats like the Handhu can accommodate upto 15 passengers at one point of time. The cruise boats have cozy and comfortable rooms, equipped with modern amenities

like television, coffee makers, hair dryers, mini bars, in room safe and telephone facilities. The rooms are all air-conditioned and most of the rooms have private balconies also. The boats are spacious also. The cruise boats have sundecks, swimming pools, dining rooms and bars and lounges. The cruise vessels also have a shops and boutiques. Many luxury cruise boats also have games rooms where the children and the adults can play different types of games.

The Maldives cruise boats also have facilities for a large number of activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other such water sports. These cruise boats takes the tourist for a tour around the islands. Safaris are extremely common, especially the Outer Atoll and the Inner atoll safaris. The bets way to take a trip around the islands of Maldives is by going on a cruise on these fantastic cruise boats.

The Maldives cruise boats are designed to suit the needs of the travelers and are traveling on them is an experience worth remembering.