Maldives Restaurants

A vacation to Maldives is almost incomplete without trying out the food sold in its numerous restaurants and eating joints. The Maldives restaurants are known to offer some of the most mouth-watering gourmet delights and delicacies to the visitors.

The restaurants in Maldives serve both local as well as international food. Seafood is particularly famous and common in these restaurants. One can find all types of food in Maldives like Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan as well as Continental dishes.
Most of the food is imported except seafood. Cuisine consists of curries, fries, snacks, rice preparations, meat dishes and desserts. There are numerous restaurants and cafes that one can find in the country. Most of the eating joints in Maldives are located in the capital city of Male.
The islands do not have many restaurants except for those found in the hotels and the resorts. However one can find a number of small cafes in the islands of the country. Some of the most popular restaurants that one can find over here include The Thai Wok Restaurant, Trends; The Garden Restaurant, 4 Degrees in Taj Exotica, Maayafushi, Salsa Café, Ocean Pavilion and many others. One can also find a number of bars in the country like the Sunset bar and others.
The food served in the restaurants in Maldives is extremely delicious and tasty. The restaurants male sure that the food served is healthy and clean. Alcoholic beverages are not served in any of the restaurants. The restaurants have a cozy and casual ambience, thereby allowing people to dine in a relaxed manner.

The cuisine consists of tasty gourmet delights. It consists of rice preparations, popadums, different varieties of pickles, sausage, bacon, basil-topped tomatoes, herb focaccia, omelet's, tuna fish preparations, chicken curry and other dishes. Desserts are also served over here. Some of the popular sweet dishes include Banana hot cakes, berries with cream, exotic fruits, rice pudding, vanilla bean rice, vanilla milk shakes, smoothies and others. The food in these restaurants are reasonably priced and not expensive.

The Maldives restaurants take special care of its visitors and provide them with excellent food ad services. They take special care to make sure that the guests enjoy their food and have a great time.